Brand Value

1) Brand Audit

BHC assists clients in identifying, capturing, codifying and adopting marketing best
practices. BHC's EMM consulting division has the skills and tools to audit how each
customer does marketing, and a library of proven best practices from leading G'2000
marketers in multiple categories for benchmarking. The end result is a prescription
for an enterprise marketing management system solution that can deliver 5 to 10%
improvement in marketing effectiveness (better results) and 8% to 16% improvement
in marketing efficiency (lower costs, faster time).

  •  Identifying Processes
  •  Current processes versus Best Practice Score
  •  Identifying Gaps and Outages
  •  Prescription and Success Roadmap
  •  Enterprise marketing management system architecture and design.

2) Brand Health Monitor

Brands are assets which, when healthy, can be leveraged for extraordinary growth in
topline revenues, resulting in improved shareholder returns. First it is necessary to
measure the health and potential of your brands at the outset, and then monitor their
continued health during the leveraging process. BHC has developed an extensive set of
tools for objective assessment.

  •  Revenue and Profit Delivery Analysis
  •  Marketplace performance
  •  Consumer Bonding
  •  Consumer Perception
  •  Key Influencing Factors

3) Key Brand Health Driver ID

The brand health monitor provides both snapshot and trend data on brand health in a dynamic
marketplace. Managers need to be able to identify the key drivers of brand health so as to
allocate resources efficiently for continuous improvement in the monitor scores. BHC has
developed a series of category specific driver analyses that can be applied to your brand.

  •  Profitable Revenue
  •  % of requirements
  •  Intensity of preference
  •  Growth from new products
  •  Price retention
  •  Customer profitability
  •  Ubiquity
  •  Partnership Power