Brand Value

Brand Equity Appreciation Model (BEAM™)

BHC believes that "Brand" assets will be formally added to the corporate balance sheet in the near future.
BHC's BEAM measure ensures that the brand asset's value is appropriately recognized and managed.

Brand investments are successful if they generate superior returns (via enhanced cash flows) and
superior earnings multiples.

To generate those returns, brand investments must increase the level of and accelerate the speed
of cash flows, and extend their longevity or reduce the risk in these flows. The most important drivers
include growth acceleration (e.g. by expanding the brand into broader categories and claiming a bigger
share of a bigger pie) and providing the brandowner with a more robust platform to launch R&D innovations
into the global marketplace.

BEAM sets out the growth path, the drivers of achievement of growth goals, and the metrics of success,
providing a management framework for 5 years of equity appreciation.

For example:
Financial Health
Brand Relevance
For example:
# of markets
Brand Spend
Channel Mix
For example:
Brand Contribution
Brand Awareness
Market Share
For example:
+20% CAGR
in Brand Asset
Algorithmic link
to Shareholder
value, e.g., TSR