Brand Value

Qualitative Research

1) Contextual In-Depth Interviews (CIDI)
Our unique and refined approach to interviewing delivers real, breakthrough
insights on attitudes and perceptions about a brand, product, or service. Usually
conducted one-on-one, these interviews emphasize the context of the respondent's
world as a basis for understanding attitudes towards particular industries, products,
services, and partners. We see the world as they see it, free of the biases and filters
of the normal market research approach.

To gain this unique understanding, BHC conducts CIDIs at the location where the
key decisions are happening - whether that's at the point of sale in a grocery store,
or in the office of a CEO, or a marketing or purchasing executive. Occasionally we
use our Conference Response format by attending relevant industry events and
recruiting and/or interviewing respondents at the conference. This allows for fast
results within a concentrated target group.

2) Focus Groups
BHC believes strongly in the appropriate use of focus groups to drive out real
insights and evaluate concepts and ideas in a dynamic situation. We work with
world-class moderators armed with best practice and innovate techniques,
conducted in superb facilities worldwide.

Quantative Research

BHC conducts ongoing Usage & Attitudes studies, and Brand Monitors, crucial
brand tracking research that can form the baseline for understanding and
evaluating brand equity leadership. Our Long-term Equity Action Plan (LEAP)
provides a clear road map for building winning brand equity once the
framework is understood.

Brand Evaluation

1) Perception/Permission/Equity (PPE)
PPE is a thorough, actionable assessment of a brand's status in consumers' minds,
within the competitive context that consumers perceive. Specifically, PPE is a strategic
assessment of:

  •  Brand equities, both current and desired, core and price of entry

  •  How far your brand can "stretch" - line extensions, new categories, new opportunities
           that your consumer give "permission" for

  •  Customer/stakeholder hierarchy of needs and identification of higher levels of benefits

  •  Current customer perceptions of competitive strengths and permissions
  • 2) Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT)
    The classic assessment of an organization's current situation, internally and
    externally, including:

  •  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as derived from internal/ external inputs.

  •  Status of current business and competitors' business
  •  Organizational core competencies and how these talents can be leveraged

  •  Resources and their availability

  •  Organizational/category culture and its impact
  • 3) Brand Architecture
    Using best practice tools, we will identify the key current and potential core/extended identities
    for a brand, including:

  •  Category definition: the immediate and mega-category that is applicable and available
  •  Single-minded benefit, positioning, support / reason-to-believe language, brand character
          and interpretation in messaging
  •  Key consumer/customer takeaways - actual and desired

  •  Brand extensions / flankers - taxonomy and nomenclature design
  • Consumer Wisdom

    1) Ideal Consumer Experience (ICE)
    Defining how to meet customers dream shopping/user experience

  •  Understand overall shopping experience and how it relates to category and
           non-category shoppers

  •  Identify drivers and inhibitors
  •  Understand purchase behavior & buying process
             -- How consumers make decisions
             -- Who is involved
             -- Identify retailer consideration set
             -- Identify brands in the competitive set
  •  Identify gaps between retail deliverables and consumer expectations
  •  Assess current retail marketing tools: shelving, displays, floor plans, pricing,
          packaging, promotion, service, etc. What are the consumer/retailer likes/dislikes?

  •  Identify relevant best practices in other retail environments

  • 2) Customer Councils
    BHC's Customer Council is a qualitative research vehicle that uncovers core needs,
    identifies an attitudinal baseline, and tracks emerging trends among a pre-recruited
    group of current and/or potential target audiences.